Welcome to Voices of Central Coast

Many people on the Central Coast are feeling left behind and ignored. They are disheartened with the current political process and the failure of the party system to reflect the values and priorities of the Central Coast community.

They’re tired of writing letters, signing petitions and meeting with elected representatives, only to have their views ignored in favour of party donors, lobbyists, special interest groups, and the party line.

For too long the Central Coast has been linked to political and donation scandals, developer influence and poor representation for our residents and community. It’s time to do politics differently.

We believe that each one of us can play a constructive role in lifting standards of behaviour, focusing on ideas and policies that benefit residents and communities and strengthening the way we are represented.

It's a Growing Movement
Recently ‘Voices of’ community groups have sprung up all over Australia. People in the federal electorates of Mackellar, Hume, Warringah and Indi are speaking up and participating in their democracy. In fact, it’s global, with citizens all over the world taking an active role and demanding government accountability and integrity.
Kitchen Table Conversations

Kitchen Table Conversations are simple and powerful – helping people discuss what really matters in a comfortable environment. These are small groups of up to about 9 people. Participants might be friends, neighbours, family, workmates or people known from community networks.

We will be holding Kitchen Table Conversations in October.
Would you like to participate in a KTC near you?
Would you like to host a KTC?

Complete our “Get Involved” form or email: contact@voicesofcentralcoast.org


We’re looking for a community candidate to stand as an Independent who values

  • Community representation
  • Integrity and respect
  • Climate change action
  • Planning for people and communities
  • Environmental protection
  • Restoring local democracy

If you care deeply about the people of the Central Coast and our special environment, and would like to make a difference, it’s time to talk to us!

Tell us what you think about issues on the Central Coast now - and priorities for the future.

• Survey takes about 15 mins and can be completed anonymously